Our school believes in fostering an environment that goes beyond academics. The Amrita Fest competitions are held to encourage students to explore their talents and nurture healthy competition. The eagerly awaited Annual Fest was conducted with gusto and enthusiasm on 9th September 2023.

Various creative skill-based competitions like clay art, glass painting, cooking without fire, mask making, jingle writing, story writing, elocution etc., were conducted. The primary classes of I and II showcased their artistic talent in carving beautiful and colourful Ganeshas using clay, and creating animal masks using paper plates. The young minds also displayed their oratory skills by participating in elocution competition. Students of classes 3 to 5 put their literary and speaking skills to test by writing theme-based stories with morals and values. Mono-act competition also had several participants from classes 3 to 5 displaying emotions and expressions vividly.

The competitions organised for students of grades 6 to 12 were more complex and challenging. Cooking without fire showcased their culinary talent by creating innovative recipes that satiated everyone’s taste buds. The judges for glass painting and jingle writing competitions were truly enthralled at the artistic and musical talent displayed by the students of classes 9 to 12.

A unique venture of this year’s Amrita Fest was the involvement of parents in hairstyling and drawing competitions exclusively arranged for them. The fervour, enthusiasm and excitement were truly experienced by participants as well as the organizing committee.