SEVAMRITAM Project July 30

Fistful of Rice Given With a Heartful of Love Brings Cheer to Families on a Rainy Day

July 30, 2016

It seemed like the rain gods chose this day again like last month to test the determination of the students and teachers of Amrita Vidyalayam when they set out to eagerly meet the families adopted by them under the SEVAMRITAM Project. Undeterred by the torrential rains, the school reached out to all of the 31 families. The sight that touched most of the students was the eagerness with which each of the families awaited them. The school donated around 159 kg of rice to 31 families, which was collected by the students throughout the month by bringing a fistful of rice every week.

Sevamritam volunteers had carefully identified the needs of each family last time, and along with rice, they decided to donate useful clothes also.   Accordingly, the school collected clothes for girls and boys, sarees, blankets and infant clothing. The teachers segregated the clothes and selected items according to the needs of their adopted families. This meant sorting through piles of generous contributions made by the students, teachers and staff.

The families were grateful that the school had decided to donate clothes along with rice. They told them that that the food given to them last month lasted for a whole 10 days which enabled their children to be well fed at least during those days. Some families whose shanties were very badly damaged due to water leakage were given tarpaulin sheets which were bought with a contribution of just 1 rupee a day for a whole month by one class. Students had a first-hand experience of understanding the constraints of space when they saw a family of 5 living in a 100 sq feet area, and felt embarrassed about demanding more space for privacy from their parents.

There were families who had old people who could not do much work due to their illness and did not have sufficient money to buy medicines.  Our students immediately thought of giving Odomos cream and medicines which could help prevent malaria. The teachers also identified items that are of immediate need for the families and planned accordingly on what to donate next month.

Students were very emotional and returned with heavy hearts; but they were determined to “do more” and prayed to god to give them more energy to serve in order to help improve the condition of their adopted families. Students also felt that mere words of compassion are not sufficient, and that action is very important. They thanked the Principal Ma’am for the wonderful opportunity provided to them to reach out to the needy families, and all they wanted in return was blessings.