Sevamritham – With the guidance of our beloved Amma, Amritam Projects, “Sevamritam” was carried out under which the school has adopted 35 poor families. Students of classes X, XI and XII were categorised into various groups. They surveyed the nearby slum area and enquired about their immediate requirements. They packed groceries and other essentials and were ready to distribute the same to the families. Each family was provided with 5kg of rice, ½ kg dal, and ½ kg salt as part of Sevamritam. Sanitary pads and clothes were also distributed to the families.

Class III contributed the maximum towards the rice collection, followed by classes IV C, V D, VI C. The third position was bagged by classes IA, IB,IIC, IXC & XII.

Sealing of Desires – A total of Rs.8408 was contributed towards Sealing of Desires since July 2022. The class that contributed the most towards Sealing of Desires is III C with Rs. 751, followed by V A with Rs. 456.

Bhootayagnam – Students of Jr. KG,Sr. KG, Std. I and Std. II brought 1tsp of Bajra and the collection of the same was fed into the bird feeders by the students themselves. Students are always guided to the fact that Sharing is Caring. This very act of feeding birds with utmost care and love will inculcate a sense of warmth and endearment towards nature.

Wealth from Waste –10 bags were stitched from old school uniforms under the Wealth from Waste project by students of class VI.