• Sevamritham – 50kg of rice was donated to Freedom Faith Foundation, Badlapur, a halfway Destitute Home that also works as a de-addiction and rehabilitation centre for people recovering from any type of drug addiction and alcohol related issues. The classes that donated the most this month are 6A, 1B, 6B, 4B and 6C. Chinmayi House students also donated 1kg rice, stationery and clothes.
  • Sealing of Desires – A total of Rs. 5200 was contributed by students. The class that contributed the most towards Sealing of Desire is 4B, followed by 6B, 8A and 8B.
  • Grihamritam Student ambassadors of the “Conserve Water, Conserve Life” project visited classes 4 to 8 and presented 10 simple measures that can be adopted to make a difference in small ways for conserving water such as cleaning a car with a damp cloth, re-using water used to clean vegetables and fruits to water the garden, etc. The ideas were very well received, and the students ended their presentation by saying “Boond boond se sagar banta hai”…and finally exclaiming, “Yes! We can make a difference.”!
  • Pushpanjali – Students lovingly bring flowers which are offered at the holy lotus feet of Amma each day.