Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education

Physical education encourages students to practice the art of winning, losing, and teamwork which is an invaluable life skill. Each class has 2 PE periods in a week that include indoor and outdoor sports.

The school has been successful in creating state and national players, and has bagged several awards at the state and national levels. The school ground has football, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts. Regional games like kabaddi and kho-kho are played very enthusiastically by the students. Apart from various athletic equipment, the school also has indoor game equipment which include table tennis, chess and carom boards. Sportsmanship skills are imparted by the school’s experienced sports coaches who identify the unique skills of students and train them to excel in them. Students take great interest in playing individual games as well as group games. Annual Sports Day is held where the focus is on athletics and competitions are segregated into individual and team events. Many competitions such as running, shot-put, javelin, discus throw, high jump and long jump are held in which students compete very sportingly. Team events such as throwball, volleyball, kabaddi, football, kho-kho and badminton are played very competitively. Indoor games consisting of chess, carom and TT are also held.