• Sevamritam – Sevamritam Project in-charge teachers, Mrs. Indira Warrier, Ms. Shibina and Mrs. Sarika Mishra along with student leaders took the opportunity to express their gratitude to Gangubai who toils in the scorching heat as a construction worker. Students gave her 10 kg of rice that was collected this month as part of Sevamritam. The joy on Gangubai’s face upon receiving the rice said it all. The idea of ‘giving’ has been ingrained in our students, so much so that we no longer need to remind them to contribute towards the projects. The class that contributed the most towards Sevamritam is 6B, followed by 8A, 8B and 10A. The students of Chinmayi House also donated 1 kg rice, stationery and clothes.
  • ‘Sealing of Desires’- Every bit counts. Students are now used to the concept of contributing a part of the money they would otherwise have spent on desires, towards this project.  A total of Rs. 3,400 was collected in the month of June. The leading contributors were Class 6C (Rs. 526), followed by Class 4B (Rs. 372). The money will be utilized towards buying food and other essential items for the needy.
  • Bhootayajnam The rains have brought respite from the heat. It was a treat to our eyes to watch the tiny tots squeal with delight as the rains lashed down on us. They also filled the bird feeder as part of the Bhootayajnam Project. Sparrows find their way to the bird feeders, and as it is difficult for birds to find food and shelter during the rains, care is taken to ensure that the feeders are always replenished.
  • Grihamritam – The “Conserve Water, Conserve Life” campaign was initiated, and students eagerly acted as brand ambassadors of this campaign by making creative banners with catchy slogans.
  • Snehamritam – The practice of celebrating birthdays ofstudents during the morning assembly continues. Pranav Mohinekar (8A) donated 2 kg of rice and Arya Motling of (4B) donated 1 kg of rice.
  • Pushpanjali – Students lovingly bring flowers which are offered at the holy lotus feet of Amma each day.