AMRITAM PROJECT REPORT – December 2019 & January 2020

  1. Sevamritam– Students of Class 7, along with their teachers Ms. Indira W., Ms. Shibina U., Ms. Neha W. and Ms. Lata Y., visited Gurukrupa Old Age Home at Nerul and interacted with the elderly women who stay at this facility. They first distributed Tilgul to mark the auspicious Sankranthi and sought their blessings. Besides donating 150 kg of rice which was collected during the month of December as part of Sevamritam Project, the contribution towards Sealing of Desire by our students helped the school to purchase 5 kg each of dal, poha, oil and sugar, and 1 kg of tea powder which was handed over to the facility. Students also distributed packets of rusk, Colgate toothpaste and bath soaps to each of the women. It was a touching moment when the elderly women thanked the students for visiting them and spending time with them. The memory of this visit will indeed stay in the hearts of our students forever.
  • Sealing of Desires – A total of Rs. 3415 was contributed towards Sealing of Desire, which was used to purchase essential food items for Gurukrupa Old Age Home. The class that contributed the most towards Sealing of Desire was 6C, followed by 9B, 8B, 4B and 8C.
  • Grihamritham – Amrita Vidyalayam students presented an excellent skit called “Freedom From Anger” on January 29, 2020 to convey the message of maintaining a joyful learning environment. The skit depicting situations faced by students in their daily lives was presented in English, Hindi and Marathi.  The students spoke about “walking away from anger and calming down”, “listening to elders with a patient ear”,  and “counting backwards”.  They also stressed upon the benefits they receive due to regular practice of yoga and meditation at Amrita Vidyalayam. “Laughter Yoga” is also practiced during Mass PT which helps them to relieve their stress. The students enjoyed the skit immensely as it helped to empower them with Affective Skills. As they could see themselves in such situations, it also helped to eradicate emotions like fear, humiliation and hurt, which would in turn help them to overcome their own anger issues.