1. Sevamritham – Vrinda Ma’m, the School Counsellor donated 25 kg of rice and Rashmi Zariwalla and Kalpana Maushi donated 5 kg of rice each towards Sevamritham. Apart from that, students of VI B have been religiously bringing handfuls of rice every week and are always the biggest contributors towards Sevamritham so far. Students of IV B also collected woollen clothes, caps, mittens and clothes to be distributed among needy families. Students of IV A also contributed old clothes to the needy families this month as per the value of the week – “Helpfulness”. Our dance teacher, Mr. Swadesh donated 10 notebooks and pencils for the children of the adopted families.
  2.  ‘Sealing of Desires’– Students of IV B collected Rs. 400 which will be used judiciously towards helping the adopted families. Also, Rs. 5,000 each (money collected over the past months by sealing of desires) was given to help Bansode (bus attendant) for purchasing a hearing aid and Kesar Maushi for her eye operation.
  3. Wealth from Waste – Cloth bags were stitched by the students which will be distributed to spread the message of “Reduce Plastic.
  4. Bhootayajnam – Students from pre-primary to Standard II bring grains like rice, millet, jawar, etc. to feed birds every Monday. With the rains becoming sporadic, the birds have also started coming in and happily feeding on the food and drinking water from the earthen pots.
  5. Grihamritam –The Cleanliness Soldiers are very enthusiastically carrying out their duties. The classrooms have become cleaner and students are eager to see to it that they are maintained well. They stay back a couple of minutes after school to ensure that they leave behind a clean classroom.
  6. Snehamritham –It was a heart touching moment when our little Ritika of II D celebrated her birthday with her classmates, and invited children from the nearby slums also. She gave chocolates and cake to everyone.
  7. Amrita Katha – The values observed for the month were Humanity, Helpfulness and Importance of Time. Stories of Guru Nanak, Mother Theresa and Gautama Buddha were told by students.