AMRITAM PROJECT REPORT – September and October 2019

Sevamritham – Following the path of seva shown by Amma, students of 7A visited the 30 adopted families in the nearby slum area along with their class teacher, Ms. Lata Yemul and Sevamritram in-charge teachers, Ms. Sarika Mishra and Ms. Indira Warrier. Around 100 kg of rice was donated, and clothes brought by students were distributed among the families. Our students helped the teachers to measure the rice and fill it in buckets; they also carried the buckets of rice themselves.

Sealing of Desires – A total of Rs. 4500 was contributed towards Sealing of Desires. The class that contributed the most was 4C followed by classes 3D, 4B, 8B and Class 12.

Wealth from Waste – 8 bags were stitched out of old school uniforms under the Wealth from Waste project by students of class 5A.