Maths Club: Experiential learning is the best way to teach complex concepts.  Students from classes 3 to 8 learnt mathematical operations and geometric shapes by solving them in crossword puzzles. Teachers asked questions and children were eager to fill the 35 grids with the correct answers.   


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Science Club: Students of classes 3 and 4 brought essential first aid items and made a first aid box. They also actively participated while teachers demonstrated the use of first aid in various emergency situations. 

The thrill of working in a team was experienced by students of classes 5 and 6 when they participated in a science quiz which covered various scientific facts. The rounds were divided into memory match, true or false, one word answer, etc.

Students of classes 7 and 8 gathered information about scientists and their inventions and made a beautiful collage with pictures. This project served the dual purpose of teaching them to work efficiently in a group as well as enhancing their knowledge.


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Literary Club: A debate can never fail to evoke the interest of students.  Students of classes 3 and 4 participated in a debate on the topic, “Meeting your friends online or face-to-face”. It was very interesting to listen to their views on the topic.

Students of classes 5 and 6 used artistic pictures and relevant information about exotic destinations to make a travel brochure as they took on the role of a travel agency.

The goal of inducing fun while learning was fully accomplished when teachers created games to teach idioms. The activity became a fun-filled exercise as students had to guess each idiom from a pictorial depiction of it. The idioms will forever be etched in their minds.


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Eco and Heritage Club: The Eco and Heritage Club activity for the month focussed on the incredible monuments that depict the culture and heritage of India.  Students collected pictures and articles to prepare beautiful charts and spoke proudly about Ellora Temple, Ajanta Caves, Mysore Palace, Red Fort, Lotus Temple, etc. Students shared valuable information by adding their own observations gathered from personal experiences during their visits to some of the places.


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Art Club: Students of classes 3 and 4 used straw, water colours and paper to make “blow paintings”.  Abstract patterns were formed when students used straw to blow blobs of paint onto paper.

Students of classes 5 and 6 created texture on tissue paper by dipping crumpled tissue paper in a vibrant mixture of colours and dabbing it on drawing paper.

Clay modelling is an excellent way to develop motor skills, and our students of classes 7 and 8 displayed their creativity by sculpting figures and colouring them beautifully.


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