Hubs of Learning Experiential Learning Programme

Amrita Vidyalayam organized an Experiential Learning Programme in the school’s auditorium on November 28, 2019 under CBSE’s Hubs of Learning, which was formed to foster collaboration among CBSE affiliated schools to enable self-improvement through knowledge sharing.

The programme started with a prayer as is the culture at Amrita Vidyalayam. Principal Brni. Rekha invited the teachers and students of Green Fingers Global School, Kharghar, Ramsheth Thakur Public School, Kharghar, Atomic Energy Central School, Anushakthi Nagar, and DAV Public School, and conveyed her excitement at CBSE’s unique idea to promote academic enrichment which will enable the teachers to learn different teaching methodologies and adapt unique methods which will enhance the teaching/ learning process. She added that this method resembles the Gurukul way of teaching where teachers strived to enhance the subject knowledge of their students through one-to-one interaction and by exposing them to real life experiences.  The schools were invited one by one to present their classes.

Ms. Sunil from Green Fingers Global School demonstrated a fun way to learn “Muhavare” by organising a Dumb Charades game where her students were divided into 2 groups and mimed each Muhavare for their teammates to guess.  Ramsheth Thakur Public School teacher Ms. Anjali Singh came up with her students of Class 10 and 11, and explained the concept of Basic Plasma in Phyics with the help of an experiment which helped to broaden our understanding of the basic properties of plasmas and ions in the plasma environment. Ms. Munira Zaveri of DAV Public School and her students of Class 7 took us through the literary world by introducing the poem “Friends and Flatterers” written by William Shakespeare. The concept of identifying true friends and mere flatterers was taught where each line of the poem was compared to a quality of a sincere friend or a flattering foe. Mr. Vinod Sonawane of Atomic Energy school explained the concept of understanding our criminal justice system with the help of a skit where the students of Class 8 enacted the scene of a robbery and the subsequent steps taken by the police to solve the crime. Amrita Vidyalayam teachers Ms. Varsha and Ms. Asawari  presented “Forests – Our life line” along with students of Classes 7 and 8. They presented their lesson with the help of a PPT which explained the process of deforestation and soil erosion. The students presented a small skit to show how decomposing happens naturally with the help of decomposing agents like fungi and bacteria. The students interacted with the teachers and shared their ideas regarding the benefit of forests to humans and the ways in which we can conserve the forests that sustain life on Earth.

Principal Brni. Rekha observed the unique manner in which each school had presented their class, and observed how each student will take away something new from the session as well as how teachers can learn new methods of teaching. She also invited teachers and students to speak about their thoughts on the workshop. The teachers thanked Amrita Vidyalayam for taking the lead in conducting the Experiential Learning Programme and how they had benefitted by observing the sessions of other teachers. A couple of students also came up to share their excitement at being involved in such a programme. Srishti Mishra of Amrita Vidyalayam expressed her excitement at meeting students from other schools and thanked all the teachers for teaching various subjects in a span of 2 hours in such an interesting manner.

The programme ended with vote of thanks and the chanting of Shanti Mantra.