Workshop on “Making the Right Career Choice”

Students of 11th and 12th grades attended a stimulating workshop on “Making the Right Career Choice” in the school auditorium on Monday, January 15, 2018. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Gautam, S.T, Co-founder of Friction Innovative Education LLP, an educational organization known as the pioneer for ‘shaping the thinking’ of children during their early development stage.

Mr. Gautam counselled the students about not blindly choosing a career based on the perceptions of family and friends. He urged them to understand their individual strengths and interests, and the scope of the industry which would help them to shape their career. He stressed the fact that merely getting a degree is not what builds a career, but developing the right skill set is what sets one apart from others. He pointed out the huge difference between getting a job and choosing a profession, saying that the three questions each person should ask before choosing a career path are, “Is this field for me?”, “Can I contribute to this field?” and “Would I like to spend my life working in this field?”

Sharing the rich life experiences of successful people, he provided valuable insight into the mismatch between academics and industry. He gave a realistic view of today’s industry – automisation which is eating away jobs at a fast pace. The key to success today is to increase one’s value exponentially by acquiring expertise in “cross-domain technology”. Utilising undergraduate years to expand one’s skill-set would help to be a notch above the rest.   

Students were asked not to rely solely on career counselling centres, but to talk to people in their immediate friends circle and those who are actually working in the industry to get in-depth knowledge of a particular field before choosing their career.

Before winding up the session, Mr. Gautam left the students with the following points to introspect on –

  1. Do not make choices based on what people think.
  2. Utilise time during college years to learn and do something productive in life.