It’s always a question of ‘what next?’ when students are at the threshold of appearing for their AISSE examinations. The management understands this concern and arranged a workshop on “Career Guidance” in the school auditorium on Friday, January 12, 2018.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Stalin Anthony and Mr. Rahul Sawant who are certified NLP trainers and are experienced career advisors. The speakers first understood the interests of the students, and with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, introduced them to the various opportunities available to them for pursuing their interests. They helped students to understand the huge difference between a job and a career.  Career options such as the Defence Forces, Architecture, Banking, Finance, Hotel Management, etc. were discussed. Students were introduced to introspection parameters which helped them to understand the skills required to attain success in various fields. Students were asked to introspect on their “Vision and Mission” in order to enable them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Students also learnt about the selection processes in the IIT/JEE and other competitive exams. The difference between acquiring a degree versus certification courses was discussed in detail. The question, “What kind of a world would I like to live in?” prompted students to think about the society also instead of focusing on self-growth alone. A short activity at the end of the workshop was conducted where students were asked to close their eyes and visualize being successful and the all round happiness that it brings to their families. Students were asked to replace the current image they have of themselves with the visualized image. This activity, if practiced daily would help to enforce positive thoughts and boost self-confidence.

Students put forth their doubts during the workshop which were answered by the speakers. The workshop ended with vote of thanks and the chanting of the Shanti Mantra.