Topic: Teacher as a Facilitator

A workshop was conducted by the Rotary Club of Link Town Airoli for the teachers of Amrita Vidyalayam on 5th August from 1.40p.m to 3.30 p.m. on the topic, “The Role of a Teacher as Facilitator”. The objective of the workshop was to give the teachers a general understanding of the concept to improve classroom life and to create a co-emotional climate of learning.

The workshop started with a prayer, and introduction of the trainer for the day, Rotarian Ms. Sunila Nambiar. She is a passionate trainer and facilitator with over 7 years of experience in Behavioral Skills, Personality Development, Leadership Development & Emotional Intelligence. Club President Ms. Deepa Iyer was also present for the program, and both of them were welcomed with a Tulsi sapling by the HM and the Vice principal respectively.

The teachers were arranged in 4 groups of 5 teachers each for the workshop. Ms. Sunila Nambiar conducted various group activities which engaged all the teachers and helped them to explore their thought process. The teachers were asked about the 3 top challenges faced by them in the classroom, for which teachers discussed and collectively gave their views on it. Ms. Sunila Nambiar presented and discussed the role of the teacher as facilitator.

  • Cardinal Principle – how to address the child in a particular situation.
  • Expressing Anger – the words to be used or not to be used when you are expressing your anger.
  • Inviting co-operation of the student and the parent.
  • Acceptance, Acknowledgement and Appreciation of the students to be done by teacher wherever and whenever required.
  • Teachers should refrain from exhibiting sarcasm.
  • Children’s comments should be heard and acknowledged.
  • Teacher must be a good listener.

Ms. Sunila also urged the teachers to implement a few points discussed in the workshop immediately in the classroom which would make an impact in classroom culture and student learning.

Ms. Asawari Lanjekar, proposed the vote of thanks.