Artificial Intelligence – Master Trainers Workshop

Ms. Sunita Satish attended a one day Master Trainers’ Workshop in Artificial Intelligence conducted by CED (Community Education and Development Foundation) on April 17, 2019 at Ramsheth Thakur Public School, Kharghar.

Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak, Chairman and CEO, CED Foundation, gave the introductory remarks. Prof. M.M. Pant, Vice Chancellor, IGNOU and Brand Ambassador, CED Foundation conducted the workshop for Principals and teachers of eminent schools, not only from Mumbai, but also Pune and Gujarat.   Prof. Pant held the attention of the audience with his excellent fundamental knowledge in every subject, be it Maths, Science, Language or Computer Programming. He used real life experiences gathered from his extensive travels and interactions with people to explain how Artificial Intelligence has evolved over the years. Computers were initially built with the intention of storing and retrieving information. The present generation machines are capable of thinking and can substitute humans in the decision making process.  Thus, AI has gained geo-strategic importance and is seen as an opportunity and solution provider for inclusive economic growth and social development.

Mrs. Raj Aloni, Principal, Ramsheth Thakur Public School thanked Prof. Pant and Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak for making this workshop available to teachers.   Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak proposed the vote of thanks. Certificates of participation were given to all the teachers who attended the workshop.