Creating Responsible Nation Builders – 72nd Independence Day Celebrations

An assemblage of multicultural activities was presented by the students of Amrita Vidyalayam to mark the 72nd Independence Day celebrations. The distinguished guest for the morning was Lt. Commander Avinash Chandra who has served in the Armed Forces for thirty years. He had served in the Kargil war and had the very critical task of managing war casualties. 

The celebrations started with prayer. The tricolor was unfurled by the Lt. Commander which was followed by the National Anthem, after which he received the salute from the NCC cadets. “When you join the Armed forces as an officer, you are second to none other than the President of India”, said  the veteran commander. His words carried  a powerful message to the students who were encouraged  to consider joining the prestigious Armed Forces as a serious option, besides pursuing the regular undergraduate courses. Our beloved Principal Brni. Rekha gave a strong message to the Gen Z students about saluting the spirit of “prepared to die” of countless soldiers, and to remember the strength of the nation  which has witnessed countless invasions and yet remained unbroken. The way forward is always to empower the students by transforming them into a focused, capable, skilled and inspired population.

With the help of an interesting story, Swami Avyayamrita Chaitanyaji conveyed to the students that constant learning should be their focus, and that there can be no substitute for knowledge. The speech stressed upon the responsibility that lay on the shoulders of the young students to safeguard the values of the nation.

Students spoke in Hindi and English about the richness of Indian culture. The school choir sang the melodious “Ae Watan, Mere Watan” which was a fitting tribute to the sacrifices of countless people. A power packed dance medley to patriotic songs was followed by a mime act where students showed that the power to build a better tomorrow lay in the hands of their generation.

The programme was well appreciated by the guest. The celebrations ended with the chanting of Vande Mataram and Shanti Mantra.