Mahashivaratri was celebrated on 17th February 2023 at Amrita Vidyalayam under the guidance of Brni Sharanyamrita Chaitanya ji. Students of classes VIIA, VIIB and VIIC took part in the puja along with their parents. The program started with the chanting of Rudram and Lingashtakam, which was followed by Shiva Ashtottari, to which students chanted “Aum Shivaya Namah” after each mantra, offering flowers to the Shiva lingam. Sharanyamritaji, in her satsang, described the importance of the Shivaratri festival and the Shiva tattwa. She also threw light on the real meaning of Upavas, the cycle of birth, sustenance and death, which is but a natural change of state which was beautifully explained. A few Shiva bhajans were sung which gave the whole place a divine atmosphere.

The program ended with aarti to Amma and the chanting of shanti mantras. Everyone present offered flowers and took Prasad before they left. Parents and students were deeply influenced by the positive energy the puja had created in them, and were thankful for the same.