AIKYAM – Zero Discrimination Day

C20 activity under gender equality and disability.

The Principal along with the differently abled students of Skills and Ability Special School, Nerul Navi Mumbai were invited to celebrate Zero Discrimination Day on March 1, 2023 at Amrita Vidyalayam.

The counsellor Mrs. Gayatri Nathani welcomed the principal, students and teachers of the special school. The Principal then addressed the audience and explained the importance of Zero Discrimination Day. She also spoke about the seed ball activity and how it helps to revive nature. She then briefed about G20 and C20, and explained how it is linked to the AIKYAM activity.

Cultural programs were performed by students of AV to cheer up and entertain the guest students. The specially abled students took onto the stage to showcase their talents which was truly overwhelming and motivating. The entire hall was filled with positivity and joy. Children of the special school were felicitated with a “You are the Light” brooch to show how special they really are.

Seed Ball activity and games were conducted at the open space. The seed balls were packed carefully and gifted to the guest student. They were suggested to deposit it in nature, next to their homes or school. In conclusion they were shown the video “You are the light” and thanked by the counsellor for spending time with AV students. It was a day of learning through real life experience for AV students as they took care of the special children and made them feel at home.

To capture the special moment a group photo was taken and they left on a happy note, signing the autograph on the notice board. With a heavy heart and smile on their faces they thanked everyone for inviting them and making them part of this wonderful program.