Kartika puja was performed on 18th of November 2022 under the guidance of Brni Sharanyamrita Chaitanyaji. Students of classes 5A and 5B had the wonderful opportunity of being a part of this auspicious puja. The event started with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by Sharanyamritaji followed by chanting.

Students dedicatedly offered flowers at the lotus feet of Amma as the 108 names of Amma were being chanted, which was followed by guided meditation. Sharanyamritaji shared a story with all the students which conveyed the moral that each one of us should use the faculty of thinking in the right manner, whenever a situation demands. A few bhajans were then sung with great reverence. The serene environment went up to the next level as students clapped along with the bhajans. Amma’s aarti was performed, followed by Shanti mantra. Everyone present then offered flowers at the holy feet of Amma and partook the “Prasadam”.