Facilitators: Dr Pankaj Popli & Akshata Popli


A workshop was arranged for the teachers of Amrita Vidyalayam on Learning Disability – Identification and Inclusion. The workshop began with prayer followed by introduction of the guests by the academic co-ordinator to the audience. They were welcomed with Tulsi saplings by the Principal and HM.

Dr Pankaj facilitated the audience by making them understand the school-based approach towards children with learning difficulty, different categories that fall under learning difficulty, and how we deal with them. He also gave an insight on the characteristics of autism.

Ms Akshata largely focused on learning difficulty, identifying learning difficulty in different age groups, the interventions to be used in classroom management, and the clarity of the students who could be a part of the inclusion. She also highlighted how the way of sensitizing the parent about their child’s learning difficulty plays an important role. The different kinds of tests to diagnose children with learning difficulty was also explained very well by her.

The session was interactive wherein a few teachers were quite curious to understand a few things for the development of the child. Dr Pankaj and Ms Akshata were prompt in clearing the doubts of the teachers on handling students with learning difficulty in a regular classroom.

The workshop ended with vote of thanks and a concluding prayer.