Topic: Effective Parenting Skills

16th September, 2022 – Time: 10:20am – 12.00pm

Amma says: Parents are the first GURU to children. When you nourish their body, do not forget to nourish their minds by disciplining them properly. Only parents can teach children love and patience.

A workshop was organized for the Nursery parents to give an insight on effective parenting skills. The program started with lighting of the sacred lamp by the Principal, HM and Co-ordinator to seek blessings from AMMA.This was followed by prayer by the students.

Principal Anupama Rao welcomed the parents to the program and spoke about the importance of school and parent connect, nurturing the tiny tots, and the transition from Nursery to Jr.KG.

School counsellor Mrs. Gayatri Nathani then presented a PPT on various aspects of effective parenting. She discussed daily grooming and the behaviour of children. She brainstormed with the parents about what they should do as well as what they are already doing.

She then switched to identification of learning problems, symptoms and remedies. She explained how to identify problems like ADHD and LDat an early age, and emphasised the need of routine check-ups for visual and auditory assessment of the children. She assured the parents that any learning problem can be solved with proper guidance and regular therapy sessions by experts. With timely identification, help and support, such children can be included in the mainstream education.

Mrs Purvi Thakkar, Nursery In charge, concluded the program with her inputs to the parents on the importance of routine and formation of habits. She expressed her gratitude to the management for arranging the workshop and thanked the parents for their active participation in the workshop.