Students Workshop on Bullying for Classes VIII to X

Bullying is a behaviour that has historically been linked to kids on the playground, but it can happen among people of any age in any setting- schools, households or workplaces. The driving forces behind bullying may vary from person to person, but bullies share some common characteristics. No matter the cause, bullying is unacceptable, regardless of where it takes place.

To avoid this among students in our school, a workshop on Bullying for grades 8, 9 & 10 was conducted by School Counsellor Ms Gayatri N in the month of July 2022.

Taking corrective measures early on will help your child overcome the tendency to bully and feel accepted and valued. Whatever be the trigger for your child to indulge in bullying, assure them that you love them, and it is only the behaviour that you disapprove of. Support them to overcome the trait by being sensitive and committed.

The students came up with various incidents that they had faced in the younger classes, a few apologised to fellow students whom they had bullied, and others shared that they became a bully in order to fight back. They also made various charts to be displayed in the school corridors and started an anti – bullying campaign for the younger classes.