Workshop on Self-management and introduction of AYUDH and its programs was given to students of Grade 9 and 10 at Amrita Vidyalayam on 27/06/22, 28/06/22 and 29/06/22.

The program started with lighting of the scared lamp followed by prayer. The speakers were introduced by the Vice Principal. They were welcomed with sacred Tulsi plants by School Administrator Brni Sharanyamrita Chaitanya and the Primary HM.

The first speaker for the day was Brni Amritatmika Chaitanya, Assistant Professor, Amrita School of Engineering, who is also involved in the National Coordination Committee of AYUDH & IAM at Amritapuri. She coordinates Meditation, Yoga and youth programs through the Office of Youth Empowerment at Amrita University.

She started the session with a PPT presentation on self-management. She explained how to handle success, manage stress, how to learn from failure, how to face challenges in critical times with a calm mind, and how to practice selflessness, with examples. She also gave anecdotes from Amma’s teachings. It was a very interactive session. Students could relate to the examples and understand. She elaborated on how Amma is the peak of selflessness and the embodiment of love.

The second speaker for the day was Brni Niseema, a Masters in Microbiology, who has been teaching as an Assistant Professor at the School of Biotechology, at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, Kerala, since 2004. She is also a part of the National Coordination Committee of AYUDH & IAM at Amritapuri, and coordinates Meditation, Yoga and youth programs.

She spoke about Karma and Dharma. She also explained how the Creator and Creation are the same and not different from each other. We need to be in harmony with nature to purify our thoughts. If all our actions are in harmony with creation, then we can live a righteous life. She then explained about AYUDH and the activities taken up by them, and how students can be part of this programme.

Students were motivated and very enthusiastic about the program. Around 60 students from Grade 9 and 10 registered their names to be the members of Ayudh. Overall it was a very enriching session for the students. They got an idea of self-concept and how to manage issues and face challenges. All the 60 students who registered for Ayudh were invited for a workshop on 29th June, Wednesday after school.

The workshop was led by Brni Amritatmikaji and Brni Niseemaji, along with the newly appointed co-ordinators of  Ayudh, Priya Pillai, Nithya Nair and Shrishti Mishra.

More than 60 students participated in the workshop. The first activity conducted was on how to make a self-watering planting system. The purpose of this activity was to expose students to meaningful, practical way to reuse a common waste product. Students learnt to make a self-watering apparatus for saplings with easily available resources from their homes. The simple act of converting disposable plastic bottles taught them to responsibly repurpose waste materials and express their care towards the environment. Students displayed collaborative spirit while working together in groups. A total of 14 planters were made by young AV Ayudhians.

The next activity was a simple game of walk, stop, clap, say your name. The purpose of this game was to enhance their focusing ability. Students were instructed to carefully listen and react to words given by the instructor. By playing this game students did exercise in a fun manner. All students and members had fun throughout.

The workshop ended with a group photo to capture the memories created during the session.