Fit India Movement was an initiative taken by our respected Prime Minister in 2019 to promote nation-wide fitness. He urged every Indian to stay fit and healthy by including physical activities and sports in their lives.

Our school which resonates with the interests of Mr.Modi, executed this movement with great passion. Since the mission of the movement is to bring about behavioural changes and move a step ahead towards an active lifestyle, we Amritians not only promoted fitness on our school campus, but also within our families.

A simple 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity in our day to day lives can bring an immense change. Thus, the mission of the Fit India Movement was carried out in every household, encouraging each one to become a part of it. Right from Yoga and Pranayam, to Zumba and gym exercises, one has a variety of choices to select from. Swimming, cycling, Taekwondo, etc. are just a few that can be named.

Introspect which physical sport is your favourite and enjoy being healthy. Remember that physical health and inner strength cannot be replaced by any supplements.


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