The school had organised Ganapati Homam and Navagraha pooja on October 23, 2021, as part of the Guru Vandana programme, for the all-around peace and well-being of the school staff. The programme started with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by Swami Avyayamritananda Puriji and the Principal, followed by the chanting of the Pranava Mantra “AUM” thrice. The Ganapati Homam and Navagraha pooja were done with Vedic chanting, Guru Stotram, Amma’s Ashtotaram and Lalita Sahasranam, followed by bhajans and Shanti mantras. The auditorium resonated with the divine chanting, taking each one of us to the realm of silence and peace. After the Homam, everyone partook prasadam from Swamiji and were seated for the Guru Vandana programme.

The Guru Vandana programme was organised as a tribute to our Sadguru Amma and an appreciation to all the teachers for their efforts, especially during this pandemic. The programme proceeded with an enriching speech by Swamiji, followed by the Principal’s insightful thoughts. They addressed teachers and congratulated them for their remarkable contributions during the tough times. Swamiji applauded teachers for being patient and accepting the new ‘normal’ within no time. He expressed his concern to those who had lost their near and dear ones during the pandemic.

Principal Bri. Rekha lauded the vision of Bharat and Sanatana Dharma, which is to accept everyone as part of the Supreme Consciousness. She explained the need for the right education in the modern world where education is just blind competition and imitation. She emphasised that education should instead create and deepen awareness both within and without. She said that a teachers’ job is a noble service to society. The more we introspect, the more we understand ourselves and understand the actual needs. She gave various examples from Amma’s life and correlated them with our day-to-day patterns. The deeper meaning of the same would help us improve our own selves without being judgemental about others.

The staff was presented a beautiful gift blessed by Amma, after which everyone shared a light moment by taking group photographs. Lunch was served at the end of the day. The day was indeed found to be immensely helpful as our energies were propelled with positivity within, and the soul-enriching experience filled our lives with peace.