In current times, as lives changed for everyone, our teachers were affected the most as they turned towards online education and adapted it as the ‘new normal’. They need to unlearn the old ways of teaching and to learn to use technology was a learning in itself, thus bringing to life the quote that learning never stops.

The ‘Guru-Shishya’ parampara can never be boxed in the four walls of a classroom. Teachers are the ones who inculcate a great sense of responsibility and awareness in their students and do not draw boundaries to their imaginations.

Teachers may not be tagged as Covid Warriors, but the fact cannot be ignored that they have contributed remarkably in the building of our nation by enriching the lives of every student with the light of knowledge, even when the whole world was struggling to make their ends meet.

It is a privilege to teach, and here’s to all the teachers who keep the world moving and growing every day. We salute our hardworking teachers who have taught everyone to keep learning every day.

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