National Reading Week 2021

National Reading Week was celebrated from 21st June to 26th June 2021 by all the students of our school.

We believe that the well-being of students greatly depends on them being physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and logically healthy. Simple constructive habits like reading, writing, painting, dance, music etc. actually help us put forward our thoughts clearly and the communication becomes easy. Once you have a richer vocabulary and controlled command over the language, your communication skills automatically become better.

An avid reader can improve his concentration power which further helps him to train his brain to focus his attention. The ability to retain information and utilizing the knowledge in your life can be counted as a blessing.

As your brain learns to remember characters, widens imaginations and opens up new dimensions of thoughts for the reader, the vocabulary enhances and strengthens your command over the language. Your sentence formation becomes quick, better and qualitative.

Keep #Learning,

Keep #Growing

Keep #Reading!!!