Constitution Day is celebrated in India on November 26th every year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. This year, Social Studies teachers of classes V to X read the Preamble online during their respective class hours and explained its importance to all the students.   

Avyaie Rajaram, Shrutika Mishra, Supriya Anil, Arundhati Kumar, Sakshi Shetye, Sanjana Rawat, Bhoomi Naik, Srinithya, Nikunja Sonawane, Vedant and Aniruddha took the initiative to widen their knowledge by making PPTs and speeches based on the Constitution. Khushboo Kumari and Harini N. read the Preamble in Hindi and English. 

All the PPTs were creatively informative. We desire all the citizens of India to be aware of their rights.