Students of Amrita Vidyalayam, Juinagar celebrated National Science Day on February 28, 2020 to commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir ChandrasekharaVenkata Raman. Various activities were planned to highlight the significance of the day.

The morning assembly saw students present fascinating science facts, poems and speeches about scientists. They were encouraged to develop scientific temper where the thrust is to develop rational thinking and do away with superstitions and dogmas. Creativity was at its best when students from classes 3 and 4 presented an array of working models which included Waste Water Management, Types of Volcanoes, Windmills, Solar Energy, etc. The students were excited when Principal Brni. Rekha interacted with each of them during the exhibition and quizzed them on their projects. Students of classes 5 and 6 participated enthusiastically in a science quiz, where they were divided into 4 groups named after the constellations, Orion, Ursa, Cassiopeia and Scorpius. 

The excitement in the school was witnessed not only by the students, but also by all the teachers who introduced the children to various activities which helped them to move a step forward in understanding Science.