Science Club – January 2020

The group activity for this month was a collage making session for classes 3 and 4 where students researched and collected pictures and information about the contributions and inventions of great scientists. They were able to relate the inventions with activities in their daily lives as well as appreciate the invaluable research of the scientists.

Students of classes 5 and 6 made a model of rainwater harvesting. The objective of this activity was to teach the students the importance of water management and conservation. An image of a rainwater harvesting model was first shown and explained to the students. A rainwater harvesting model requires three systems – a Percolation System, Harvesting Tank and Storage Well.  Students constructed these systems with the help of plastic bottles and connected them with halves of pipes and straws.

Classes 7 and 8 participated in a collage making activity on conservation of plants and biodiversity. Plants and animals are an integral part of our ecosystem.  They help us in many ways, and we must protect them for our own existence. Keeping this in mind, the students were asked to make a collage on the conservation of plants and animals highlighting the integral role they play in maintaining life on Earth.