Literary Club – January 2020

Vocabulary Building Activity: The 3rd and 4th graders participated in a vocabulary building activity. A vocabulary game zone was formed and the activity was divided into several rounds. The students were instructed to bring their own reading material like newspapers, story books, magazines, etc. in any language. Children read out the text and were asked to identify nouns, adjectives, parts of speech, etc. Identification of synonyms, antonyms and meanings made learning grammar an interesting activity. The winning team was given the title of Vocabulary Champions.

Tete-A-Tete: The club activity Tete-A-Tete was conducted for students of grades 7 and 8. It aimed at developing their conversational and public speaking skills. The students cleverly imitated talk shows seen on TV channels, playing the roles of hosts and celebrities. They rocked the show with their wonderful performances. The student hosts asked quirky questions to the celebrities who gave witty answers. The activity was conducted in all three languages, and the student audience also contributed enthusiastically.

Building Sentences: Students of 5th and 6th grades involved themselves in an interesting activity called ‘Building Sentences’. The activity was simple with the in-charge teachers giving a word and students forming sentences. The students were divided into three language groups and words were given accordingly. The subsequent rounds saw an increase in the complexity with conditions such as avoiding using prepositions, conjunctions, articles, etc. The students had a tough time cracking the round. The dumb charade round where words were enacted and students guessed the correct word saw students mixing play and study adding excitement to the activity.