Eco and Heritage Club – January 2020

Best Out of Waste: Students of classes 3 to 7 participated in “Making the Best out of Waste”.  The motto of this activity was to teach them the dark side of using plastic, as well as how to reuse plastic instead of throwing them into the garbage and contributing to environmental pollution. Students were asked to bring used plastic materials and create decorative items using innovative ideas. Some students made flower pots out of plastic bottles by filling them with soil and planting saplings in them; they also decorated their pots with colourful paint.

Recycling Plastic: Students of class 8 were asked to write an essay on the topic “Recycling of Plastic”. Students expressed their opinion by comparing plastic to a monster that pollutes water, air and soil, killing aquatic animals when thrown into water bodies and emitting poisonous gases when burnt. Many of the students are already implementing the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, in their daily routines.