3D Design, Hanging Pots, Font Design and Letters Writing Competitions

Students from 3rd to 5th grades displayed their designing skills in 3D Design and 6th to 8th graders wrote quotes, tag lines and names using beautiful fonts in the Font Design and Letters Writing competition. The idea of reusing plastic is always promoted at school, and students of 9th and 10th grades did just that by creating beautiful hanging pots out of plastic bottles.

Doll Making using Sponge and Creativity out of Pencil Shavings

Dolls never cease to amaze children; both boys and girls of classes I and II grabbed the opportunity to connect to their childhood memories of playing with dolls while they created beautiful dolls out of sponge and other decorative materials. They also preserved pencil shavings and used it to make creative designs on paper.

Creativity with ice cream sticks and plastic/paper cups

Students of classes III to V used ice cream sticks to create decorative art pieces like boats and jigsaw puzzle, and useful items like photo frame, flower vase, wall hanging etc.

Students of VI to VIII made beautiful wind chimes, water fountains, toran, flower pots, wind chimes, ‘dumroo”, etc using plastic/paper cups. Students became aware of their own hidden engineering skills when they created each work with precision, and added beautiful finishing touches.

Fancy Dress (Community Helpers)

Emulating the good things that you see in the people you admire is a process of learning and growing to become a better person. Students of classes I and II played their roles as community helpers to perfection in the Fancy Dress Competition. They came dressed as police officers, traffic and fire personnel, nurses, soldiers, pilots, farmers etc. Brni. Rekha was also emulated by a young student as she dressed up just like our beloved Principal.

Mono-act/Mimicry/Picture Talk and Take me to your Reader

There is never a dull moment when mimicry or mono-act is performed, especially when they are of our actors or politicians. With ample talent, our students kept the judges and their audience engaged with their dialogue delivery skills and expressions.

Historical places and monuments were revisited as students of classes 9 to 12 spoke eloquently about the bravery of the kings who built gigantic monuments which have stood the test of time and invasions in the Picture Talk Competition.

Take me to your Reader helped to develop a taste for reading in the children. This competition also helped to enhance their listening skills. Teachers encouraged the students to improve their vocabulary as well as speaking skills.


Winners of 3-D Design

Winners of Creativity with Ice-cream Sticks

Winners of Creativity with Pencil Shavings

Winners of Creativity with Plastic Cups

Winners of Doll Making with Sponge

Winners of Fancy Dress Competition

Winners of Fonts Design & Letters Writing

Winners of Mimicry Competition

Winners of Mono-act Competition

Winners of Picture Talk & Hanging Pots using Plastic Bottles

Winners of Take Me to Your Reader