Maths Club Activity – 17/9/2019

Wheel Calendar:

Students of classes 3 and 4 cut chart paper in circular shapes of 10, 7 and 5 centimetres diameter, and marked dates, months and days and months on them respectively. Once they pinned the three circles together on a square shaped chart paper, their personal ‘Wheel Calendar’ was ready.

Net – 3D Shape:

Students were instructed to cut the net, fold it and glue it together to form different 3D shapes. They made various shapes such as cones, cuboids, cubes, etc.

Secret sums with solutions:

This was a fun activity in maths where students arranged 4 circles as concentric circles and fixed them with nut and bolt. They drew 16 sectors with black sketch pens and wrote numbers on the 3 outer circles. They then wrote secret sums on the inner circle. Once the secret disc was ready they asked their friends to move the other 3 discs in such a way that the sum of the 3 numbers in all the sectors would become 12. This was like a magic game which the students thoroughly enjoyed.