Literary Club – 17/9/2019

Listening skills have become a challenge in today’s world due to the short attention span of most people. The Literary Club activity for the month of September focused on addressing this issue and held a Poetry recitation competition. Students of 3rd and 4th grades impressed the audience with their voice modulation and expression while reciting poems in Hindi and Marathi. Poems such as “Chala Mojuya” in Marathi and “Bagua bola desh ko lagta” were well received by the students, and the teachers in-charge guided them in the correct ways of recitation.

The ‘Art of Listening’ activity was carried out for 5th to 8th grades in an interesting manner. Teachers read out a passage in Hindi, Marathi and English. While students of 5th and 6th were asked questions about the passage to test whether they had comprehended the passage correctly, 7th and 8th graders were asked to observe the manner in which the passage was read and then instructed to emulate it with the expressions and voice modulations as demonstrated by the teacher.