Eco and Heritage Club – 17/9/2019

Topic: Cleanliness is the need of the hour

Cleanliness is a global concept, and is not only a responsibility, but also a condition for survival. The Eco and Heritage Club activity for the month of September was geared towards instilling this reality in the minds of the students. Students from 4th to 6th grades watched a video of Amma’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” which showed the nationwide cleanliness drive initiated by Amma. This video helped students to understand that one needs to work individually and collectively to keep our surroundings clean, and they also took an oath in that respect. They also cleaned the classrooms by sweeping and mopping them. Students of 7th and 8th grades created colourful posters with catchy slogans. The posters depicted the fact that they had understood that cleanliness is a global concept, and that to fulfil the responsibility of living in a pollution free environment and promoting sustainable development, one needs to act not only as an Indian citizen but as a citizen of the world.