Art Club – 28/09/2019

The theme of this month’s Art Club activity was texture painting.

Creating texture with the help of vegetables:

Students of 3rd and 4th grades brought leaves and vegetables such as ladies finger, onion, potato etc. to make different shapes and patterns by dipping them in colour and imprinting them on paper.  It was a fun activity, and the children were thrilled to see the beautiful patterns that they had made.

Creating texture with the help of crumpled paper:

Students of 5th and 6th grades learnt to make stencils using just paper and colours. They followed the detailed instructions given by teachers to fold, draw and cut the paper which was vertically folded at the centre.  Once the stencil was created, they went on to fill it with a crumpled ball of paper dipped in colours.

Marble Art:

Students of 7th and 8th grades had loads of fun while creating marble paintings. They filled a dish with water, added acrylic colours, and made patterns using a skewer. Then they dipped blank sheets of paper onto the surface of the water. Once the paper was lifted from the water beautiful art patterns appeared on the paper.