Around 470 students from all grades assembled in the school on September 28, 2019 to participate in the various competitions planned under the second phase of Amrita Fest 2019. The theme focused on exploring the creative abilities of the students. 

Around 107 students of grades 1 and 2 participated in “Decoration from Biscuits”. Students used their imagination, taking advantage of the perfect symmetry of the biscuits to make houses, idols, trains, etc., and decorated them using cream cheese, oreo cookies and gems to make dream creations.

Moral stories are always the best way to explain concepts to students, and it was the students’ turn to explain their understanding of the story when they participated in ‘Picture Talk’ competition where the theme was moral stories. They made puppets and brought pictures which they stuck on the white board, and explained the stories using delightful expressions.

It looked like a food festival as students from 3rd  to 12th grades participated in salad dressing, nutritious drink and nutritious recipe competitions. Salad decoration was indeed very creatively done, and their favourite cartoon characters came alive when the students arranged the salads using pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Students vied to get the top marks for nutritious drink and nutritious recipe as they explained the nutritional content of their products to the judges. Special care was taken to ensure that their presentations were eye-catching.

In the inter-house Musical Antakshari competition between the 4 Houses, students of each House did not lose a single opportunity to gain marks in the 5 rounds that were played. Each round was designed to test the aptitude of the students in different areas such as singing successive songs starting with the letter in which they ended the previous song, Dhun round where they had to identify a song from a 10 second audio clip, Dumb Charades, Singer’s special and Jodi round. The contestants as well as the judges immensely enjoyed playing Antakshari. Team spirit was at its best as the students competed sportingly and also joined each other in singing the songs.