Science Club Activity – 16/08/2019

The purpose of this month’s Science Club Activity was to help students to gain in-depth knowledge of the different layers of soil, nutritional value of different foods, and the proper understanding of plant and animal cells.

Students from classes 3 to 4 were able to identify the different layers of soil (horizon A, B and C) while participating hands-on in the “Model of Soil Profile” activity.  The students brought transparent bottles, different sizes of rocks, green grass and soil (red and black). Teachers explained the concept and procedure of the different layers of soil, and then guided the students to make the model. This activity helped the students to understand the role of each layer in the growth of a plant.

Students from classes 5 to 6 participated in the Nutritional Analysis activity conducted with the purpose of explaining the higher nutrient values contained in nutritional foods, and the energy obtained from them to perform various functions in terms of a unit calorie. Students were divided into groups and they made 2 charts – one for junk food and the other for nutritional food, and calculated the calorie intake for each item. This activity will definitely help them to choose the right foods.

Students from classes 7 to 8 understood life at its most basic unit by learning to identify the individual components, their functions and how they work together as a system through “Building a Cell Model” activity. The teachers explained to the students in detail about the structure of a cell and the interactions of each part of the cell. With the help of coloured clay and cardboard, students made models of plant and animal cells, and understood the various functions and working of cells.