Mathematics Club Activity – 16/08/2019

Multiplication tables are to be learnt by rote as this is the only way it registers in the mind. Many students find this a daunting task and an easier method is always welcome; that was what this activity achieved for students of classes 3 and 4. Students learnt through the play way method by making a spinning wheel in the centre of a chart paper which was divided into 12 equal sections containing multiplication tables.

The students of 5 and 6 learnt the concept of horizontal and vertical symmetry by pasting cut-outs of different shapes such as leaves, fruits, etc. on craft paper, and drawing a symmetrical line through them to indicate their understanding.

A working model of vertically opposite angles was made by students of classes 7 and 8 by using straws. They made parallel lines and a traversal to understand how vertically opposite angles are formed. This practical method helped them immensely to understand the fundamentals of geometry.