Many myths believed to be true by parents were busted when Dr. Pallavi Agarval, a LASIK surgeon who has successfully restored vision in kids with MARFANS syndrome held a wonderful session called “Care for your eyes” for parents of our Amrita Nursery children on June 26, 2019 at the school auditorium.

Through a PPT presentation, Dr. Agarwal showed different kinds of eye problems that occur in young children, which, if left untreated, could lead to reduced vision, or in certain cases, vision impairment. Typical problems seen in children like rubbing eyes due to allergens, dry eyes due to excessive screen time, squint eyes, etc. should be addressed medically and not by trying home remedies which would  only worsen the condition. Lastly, Dr. Agarval stressed that wearing glasses should not be shunned; rather, it should be seen positively because it only aids to improve vision. Parents were also advised to reduce their children’s screen time which by itself would go a long way towards improving eyesight.

Parents were very happy to have attended this informative workshop.