On June 29, 2019, teachers of Amrita Vidyalayam got the opportunity to learn the Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) Technique imparted wonderfully by Brni. Praveena from the National Coordination team of AYUDH, and demonstrated by Mr. Amardeep Yadav who is a Management Trainee at the Office of Youth Empowerment, Amrita University. The training session was conducted in the school auditorium.

IAM is a simple combination of yoga, pranayama and meditation that takes just 20 minutes a day. The technique is a synthesis of traditional, time-tested methods tailored to meet the needs of the individual today. It is a meditation technique for modern times.

The programme started with the lighting of the traditional lamp, followed by prayers to AMMA. Principal Brni. Rekha welcomed the instructors and introduced them to the teachers. The Head Coordinator presented floral bouquets to the instructors. Brni. Praveena spoke about how IAM technique is unique as it has been designed by AMMA herself. She moved around during the demonstration, guiding the teachers step by step to ensure that the movements of the hand and legs are synchronised and teachers got the right breathing technique while performing each asana. Meditation and Shavasana brought about a deep sense of calmness.

All the teachers felt that the 20 minute yoga technique can do wonders in improving their mental and physical state and were keen to incorporate it in their daily lives. A handout containing detailed instructions of all the asanas was given to each participant.

The programme ended with the chanting of shanti mantra.