The school held an induction programme for our new 11th graders on June 10, 2019 in the school auditorium. The programme started with the traditional lighting of the lamp, followed by prayer. The students were formally welcomed into the Amrita Vidyalayam family by Principal Brni. Rekha.

The Principal introduced the unique culture and system of learning which is uniformly followed in all Amrita institutions.

“काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं,  श्वान निद्रा तथैव च ।
अल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं ॥”

Quoted a Sanskrit verse by Brni. Rekha, which truly exemplifies the five values a student should have in his/her life.

Head Teacher Mrs. Shanthi Sekar took the students through the system of discipline followed in the school such as regular attendance, proper uniforms, timely submission of class work, etc., as well as the assessment and evaluation patterns. Senior Secondary subject teachers introduced themselves and spoke a few words to the students.

The wonderful programme concluded with the chanting of Shanti Mantra.