Teachers of Amrita Vidyalayam attended a workshop on “Image Building” on March 31, 2018 in the school auditorium. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Padma Nayak of Padma Nayak Image Consultancy. The well-conducted workshop of one and a half hours focused on personal grooming, proper dress code and being presentable, which would enhance the confidence of the teachers. She stressed upon the importance of using proper language while communicating with students as well as other teachers.

Ms. Nayak stressed the importance of peer learning saying that accepting the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues is an important attribute a teacher must possess. She pointed out various etiquettes that highlight one’s personality – the most important ones being speaking in a language which is understood by all and never discussing about a person (student or teacher) publicly. Maintaining dignity and not losing one’s temper when faced by emotionally challenging situations is another attribute that teachers must possess for building their personality. Lastly, she emphasized abiding by the school’s policies for growing as an institution.

Teachers found the workshop very engrossing. The workshop ended with vote of thanks to Ms. Nayak for conducting the wonderful session and the chanting of Shanti Mantra.