Workshop on Nutrition

Amrita Nursery parents attended a workshop on Nutrition on September 26, 2017. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Rakshita Dwivedi, Food Entrepreneur and Founder of Food Dabba. Ms. Dwivedi stressed that everything in food is science, and as parents, we should set the example for good eating habits for children to follow.

Citing personal experiences about her own child’s eating habits, she kept the parents engaged by giving them simple methods to help small children build good health which would pave the way for an active mind. Methods involved including children in the meal preparation process, avoiding junk food, understanding that ignoring the body leads to low concentration levels, understanding that food is science, making eating time a fun time, making a meal plan for the week with the child, and making sure that children do not have any sort of distraction during their mealtime.

Parents also shared their personal experiences with others during the session. The workshop ended with the chanting of Shanti Mantra.