AMRITA FEST – August 05, 2017

Students from 1 st Grade to 4 th Grade participated in various competitions during the Amrita Fest held on August 5, 2017. ‘Community Helpers’ was the theme for the Fancy Dress Competition. Students dressed up as farmers, traffic police, clean-up marshals, police inspector, etc. used good props and articulated their roles and responsibilities beautifully. Students expressed their love for their favourite toys such as cars, fidget spinners, Barbie dolls and Doraemons in the ‘Favourite Toy Talk’ competition.

The entire auditorium cheered for the participants of the Solo Dance Competition when the girls put up a beautiful show. The dances were mostly of the semi-classical, lavani and folk styles. The dancers were also quizzed on their dance styles. While students exhibited their imaginative skills in Creative Designing with dry leaves, English poem recitation and English reading competition were also held to test their proficiency in the English language.

The programme was thoroughly enjoyed by both students and teachers.

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